Portimao AIA 29-5-2011

Excellent Weekend at Portimao Portugal. Night Out , Karting and Track Day.

Road trip started Thursday 26th May at around 10am. 4 cars and 2 trailers; 7 people. After loading cars and having prepped everything we made way around midday. Arrived at the apartment location around 8pm.
Next day more people arrived making a total of 15 persons.

Saturday Karting at Kartodromo just beside the actual Track.

Sunday Track day. Was a complex morning.
Bone had a problem with shifter.
Cossie’s Ford wasn’t running mint and Kaleta had a broken gearbox.

Kaleta’s Integra was unrepairable but the others managed to get the problem sorted by the end of the morning session.

Also attended Caveman in a Ford Mondeo st240 and Brian in Renault Clio 1.8

Bone’s Footage:

DustEvo Footage :

Peri Rex Footage:

Some Random Snaps:

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